Why Is Florida Auto Insurance So High

Are car insurance rates high in Florida?

Nevertheless, Florida drivers still pay some of the highest insurance prices in the United States. The best thing you can do is compare quotes with as many insurance companies as possible to make sure you’re paying the best possible rates for car insurance in Florida.

Where are car insurance rates the highest in the US?

Drivers in Florida pay some of the highest car insurance rates in the United States. What makes Florida such an expensive place to insure a vehicle? Why are car insurance premiums so high in Florida?

Why are there so many uninsured drivers in Florida?

Unfortunately, the high cost of insurance causes a higher number of uninsured drivers, which exacerbates the problem. While Florida is known for having lots of warm sunshine, it is also known for hurricanes and other extreme weather.

Who are Florida’s high-risk drivers?

In Florida, there are a number of demographics that auto insurance companies consider to be high risk. Tourists, senior citizens, young drivers, and students make up large portions of the population in the state, which translates to what insurance companies consider a higher risk.

Why Is Florida Auto Insurance So High

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