Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In Texas

How much is car insurance in Texas per year?

On average, car insurance in Texas costs $1,415 per year — 9% less than average. This is an average rate based on our user profile. Depending on your driving history, age, and vehicle, your rate can be cheaper or more expensive.

Why do teen drivers pay more for car insurance in Texas?

Because of the risk presented by inexperienced drivers, teen drivers pay more than three times the national average for car insurance. In Texas, teen drivers pay especially high rates: $3,300 per year — more than $1,750 more than the nationwide average and over twice as much as a typical Texas driver.

How much does accident-free driving Save you on car insurance in Texas?

Texas drivers without a recent moving violation save 8% on their car insurance premiums, on average — compared to the national average of 25%. In addition to earning a cheaper premium for driving incident-free, you may qualify for a safe-driving bonus through your car insurance company.

What factors determine auto insurance premiums in Texas?

Auto insurance premiums incorporate a number of factors, including a motorist's age, gender, marital status, credit and driving history. We reviewed Texas auto insurance premiums by each of the more significant pricing factors.

Why Is Car Insurance So Expensive In Texas

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