What Liability Coverage For Car Insurance

What is liability car insurance and what does it cover?

Liability car insurance covers damages to other vehicles or bodily injury to others resulting from an accident that the insured individual caused. Auto liability insurance does not cover the cost of repairs done to a personal car of the insured. Liability car insurance is also one of the few mandatory coverage options required in every state.

What does liability coverage mean in a car insurance policy?

What Does Liability Coverage Mean in a Car Insurance Policy? Liability Coverage. ... There are two parts to liability coverage: Should an individual driving cause injury or death of another, that individual would be responsible for monetary damages as a result of the ... Including: More items...

What is covered under liability auto insurance?

Liability insurance is an important part of every car insurance policy. When you or a driver covered under your policy are involved in an accident in which either of you is at fault, liability coverage is there to help cover the costs of the other person or persons involved who are not at fault. Liability Coverage and your Car Insurance Policy.

How much is liability insurance for a car?

Liability-only car insurance is the cheapest policy you can buy, but it only protects you against the cost of damages to others. Rates start as low as $36/month! Liability-only car insurance is much cheaper than full-coverage car insurance, but it comes with accompanying risks that you should consider before cutting coverage.

What Liability Coverage For Car Insurance

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