What Is Adhesion In Insurance

What does adhesion mean in insurance terms?

Insurance is a Contract of Adhesion. That means one party (The insurance company) dictates the terms, and the other party (The insured) either takes it or leaves it.

What would be considered a "contract of adhesion"?

Adhesion contracts share the following characteristics:[3]They are based on standard printed forms and boilerplate language;They are used to supply mass demands for goods and services; andThey are drafted for an indefinite number of people instead of a single person.

What does adhesion lead to?

Adhesion. Adhesions usually develop as a result of inflammatory processes. A body part, for example, a lung, the heart, or a joint, may become limited in its mobility and dysfunctional. Adhesions in the abdominal cavity can lead to the development of intestinal obstruction. They are often accompanied by pain.

What is the doctrine of adhesion?

Legal principle that, in general, the provisions of a contract are to be interpreted according to what a reasonable person (who is not trained in the law) would interpret them. This doctrine is particularly applicable in adhesion contracts (such as bank lendings and insurance policies) or where a provision is open to more than one interpretation.

What Is Adhesion In Insurance

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