What Hmo Insurance Means

What is a HMO and how does it work?

HMO stands for health maintenance organization, a type of managed care health insurance. As the name implies, one of an HMO’s primary goals is to keep its members healthy. Your HMO would rather spend a small amount of money up front preventing illness than a lot of money later on trying to treat it.

What are some HMO health insurance companies?

Some of the health insurance companies that sell HMOs include:Blue Cross Blue ShieldAetnaCignaHumanaUnitedHealthcare

How are HMO and PPO plans different?

HMO and PPO are two insurance plans that cover health care-related expenses, ensuring that patients receive adequate treatments without having to pay unreasonable prices. The two plans are rather different: HMO provides patient access to doctors and treatment within a network, while PPO offers greater flexibility.

What Hmo Insurance Means

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