What Color Cars Make Insurance Go Up

What color cars are cheaper to insure?

It's known that drivers of white cars received favourable pricing on the basis that white cars costs less to repaint after an accident than other colours, and insurers found that drivers of white-coloured cars made fewer claims. This could be down to the fact that white cars are easier to see in dim lighting than dark-coloured cars.

How do car colors affect car insurance rates?

Fast facts:The color of a vehicle has zero effect on car insurance premiums.Almost half of Americans believe that the color of a car can increase insurance rates.While rates are not directly affected by color, a red car might draw more attention to itself by a patrol officer, causing higher rates of tickets, which DOES affect insurance ... More items...

Does car color affect your insurance rates?

The color of your car doesn’t affect your car insurance rate. In most cases, your insurance company doesn’t even know the color of the car you are driving. Insurance companies know your vehicle identification number (VIN) but the color of your car is not included in a VIN.

Does having a red car increase your insurance?

It’s a myth that having a red car will automatically increase your car insurance rates. Some cars are more expensive to insure based on the number of times the make and model has been involved in an accident. There are more important aspects of a car that impact the cost of insurance premiums.

What Color Cars Make Insurance Go Up

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