What Car Insurance Do I Have

How much car insurance do I Need?

If you're asking yourself, "how much car insurance do I need?" you've come to the right place to get answers. The short answer is that you NEED the minimum amount of car insurance required by your state to drive legally, but you SHOULD buy a policy that pays: and up to $100,000 to repair other drivers' cars and property that you damage.

What car insurance do you need?

If you are leasing a car, you need car insurance. Technically, you do not own a leased vehicle; however, you are responsible for insuring it while it's in your possession. Not only is insurance required, but you’ll need to have full coverage.

What insurance should I get?

7 Kinds of Insurance to Budget For:Personal Property Home and Contents InsuranceLiability Insurance (included with residential insurance)Additional Living Expense Insurance (included with residential insurance)Car InsuranceDisabilityLife InsuranceHealth Insurance

What Car Insurance Do I Have

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