States Where Car Insurance Is Not Mandatory

Which states don't require a mandatory car insurance?

Car insurance is a necessity that protects us, our vehicles, and other drivers on the roadMost states require citizens to carry a minimum amount of insurance before drivingNew Hampshire and Wisconsin are the only states that have no minimum requirements

When did car insurance become mandatory?

"When did car insurance become mandatory?". Technically, Auto Insurance first became mandatory in Massachusetts in 1927. The Bay State was the first to make an insurance certificate mandatory at the time of vehicle registration. Prior to Massachusetts however, Connecticut enacted the Connecticut Public Acts, Chapter 183 in 1925.

Why is car insurance mandatory?

Liability insurance, on the other hand, is almost always mandatory because it helps protect other people and their property. The thinking is that other people -- and concomitantly the economy as a whole -- would suffer as a result of at-fault drivers not being able compensate others for losses incurred.

States Where Car Insurance Is Not Mandatory

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