How To Get Car Insurance On A Saturday

Are car insurance companies open on the weekend?

You’ll have to have insurance in place before you leave the dealership with your car so doing business with a carrier that is open on the weekend is a must. Only some insurance companies are open on the weekend so navigating the marketplace is important. What types of offices are open on weekends?

Can I add a car to my insurance policy over the weekend?

Knowing that many shoppers interested in buying a car do so over the weekend, most insurance companies have hot lines (typically using toll-free phone numbers) that allow you to add a car to your policy over the weekend. The downside: If you call the toll-free number, what do you do about the agent you usually work with?

Why do I need car insurance on Saturdays?

There is a whole host of reasons why you could need insurance on Saturdays : New car : You bought or sold a vehicle. Renewals : You want to renew your current insurance policy. Changes : Something in your life has changed that impacts your insurance coverage. Shopping : You have the time to shop around for insurance quotes.

When is the best time of day to buy car insurance?

'The best thing to do is look far in advance and keep an eye on the range of prices you're offered,' advised the spokesman. Other industry insiders say a Saturday or Sunday tends to be the most expensive time to buy car cover, 'as this is when most people have time to shop around'.

How To Get Car Insurance On A Saturday

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